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The history of shabby chic furniture and examples of todays shabby chic

Shabby chic is a fashion trend that has managed to gain space in the niche of interior design. This style was created in the 70s, 80 by the British who sought in the decoration a more modern and sophisticated style, thereby embracing more contemporary trends of materials, furniture and objects. As a result, merchants and second-hand shops were crammed with Victorian furniture. Tons of pieces in perfect condition were being burned or rotting because anyone else wanted them.
Those who didn’t have enough money had to be satisfied with these available, but despised pieces. Often these pieces were restored by the hands of the owners themselves and sometimes they were not even restored at all. So these pieces, which had a worn look, in a few years began to be valued. The Brits were already quite familiar with this style, but it still had no name. Then came the American decorator Rachel Ashwell, baptizing and registering the “Shabby Chic“, and opening a series of stores with chic and expensive items that were, in essence, a corner of England.
In short, white shabby chic furniture is a style created by Rachel Ashwell is predominantly about classic furniture, but generally, furniture that looks old. Crystal chandeliers and soft prints, mainly floral, covering furniture, curtains, among others form part of the name shabby chic. It also included crockery displayed on shelves set by French hand and all this associated with materials such as wood, iron and lambri painted white. The style itself is defined as romantic, unique, special and chic. It is surprisingly recognizable and comfortable in any performance, not only by the sophisticated design but also by the elegance, lightness and simplicity that is able to suit all tastes.

Have a look at some of these beautiful examples we found

Cottage Style Bed Designed By Furniture World from the Shabby Chic Range
Shabby Chic White Cottage Style Bed
Estelle Shabby Chic Bed
Memphis Shabby Chic Scrolled Bed Designed By Snooze
Memphis Scrolled Shabby Chic Bed
Shabby chic furniture is an extremely feminine style, as well as bucolic, nostalgic, cozy and romantic. This style has a ransom from the old with a more detached attachment, which currently also values sustainability and is also a great way to make the house more welcoming and full of personality. Being extremely feminine, the decoration of jewels along with furniture is very common. Other accessories are also allowed to decorate furniture such as mirrors, boxes, vases, clocks and antique accessories.
One of the characteristics of this style is the pastel color. A shabby chic bedroom should be light and easy, using nude shades such as beige, white, pink, blue and pink, sometimes also light purple and pale green. The colors feature shabby chic by tenderness and these colors are characterized both in dyeing and in fabrics.
Shabby Chic Pastel Shades
Moreover, all parts of the furniture and the internal environment must be in harmony, even though they may appear distinct and inconsistent, they must be part of a single body with distinct nuances, in a color and in standard designs. The furniture should be mostly white or old-fashioned, by restoring or coloring the white paint. There must be a feeling that the furniture belonged to another generation of owners, with visible cracks and splinters of old-fashioned paint. The best choice of furniture will naturally be the oldest, used for many generations.
Today, in addition to home interior decor, this style is richly used for decoration to make events even more beautiful and exquisite with a more intimate and personal style. One example is the shabby chic wedding decor. Besides being beautiful and full of stories, makes use of objects that are used as of the families that are in the event.
Undoubtedly, whatever the occasion, shabby chic is the right choice for the simplicity and sophistication it brings to the environment.


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