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Quartz vs. Granite Countertops

There is no doubt that the issue of quartz vs granite countertops is a hot topic since both stones are durable, classy, but very functional. In general, granite and quartz kitchen countertops come in a slab, modular, or tile configuration and regarding quartz vs granite countertops, the one you decide on must be based on your requirements, budget, and the look of your kitchen. In the end however, the most ideal countertop for you will still come down to your personal preference and concerning the issue of quartz vs granite countertops, note that both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

quartz vs granite countertopsQuartz kitchen countertops are manufactured from a combination of 7% resin and 93% crushed quartz. It comes is a variety of patterns and shades, which is ultimately dependent on how roughly crushed the quartz is and its colorant. Since quartz countertops are not natural and are engineered, they offer a more standardized look with no pattern varieties and irregularities. They are very durable and do not require sealant application due its non-porous nature.

Countertops made from quartz are also very easy to maintain since it resists the growth of many common bacteria types—all you need is a smooth cloth and water or very mild cleanser. On the other hand, since quartz is not a natural stone, it is very difficult to copy the natural patterns and veined look you see in natural granite countertops. It is also very hard to mend damaged parts and even though it is known to be highly resistant to heat, appliances that use high heat may cause damage to the surface of a quartz countertop. Additionally, one of the main disadvantages of quartz is that not all can afford its expensive price tag. Granite kitchen countertops are manufacture from granite stone.

quartz vs granite countertopsGranite is an igneous rock made up of quartz, mica, and feldspar. It is mined in huge blocks and cut into various sizes for home and commercial applications. One of the main advantages of granite over quartz is that it comes in a plethora of shades. It is holds up very well to heat and is considered to have the second highest rating in the Mohs mineral hardness scale just after the mighty diamond. Granite can also last you a lifetime if properly taken care of and sealed with a heavy duty sealant.

Also, granite kitchen countertops are actually capable of increasing your home’s overall value in the event that you are on the market to sell your home. On the other hand, when talking about the quartz vs granite countertops issue, granite can be quite pricey (though not as pricey as quartz), but is slowly becoming more reasonably priced these past years. It also requires more maintenance than quartz because some granite types can absorb stains when not properly sealed with a high quality sealant.

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