Countertop Ideas to Perk Up Your Kitchen’s Looks

Every housewife worth her salt knows that the countertop is the main star in a kitchen’s total appeal in terms of style and tone. Each housewife, of course, has her own list of countertop ideas. Many housewives, however, are unsure which one works best, given the many choices these days, which can be confusing.   

Sometimes, the total look can be very familiar, too predictable with matching chairs and cabinets, the kind one sees in showrooms. Your countertop and the overall appearance of your kitchen could be very beautiful but you feel it is not exactly your choice.

The following are some pointers to flesh out those countertop ideas you’ve always wanted for your kitchen’s centerpiece.



The first important factor is your budget. For those who want the best but do not want to overspend, there are many excellent choices to check out. For instance, materials like laminate or stainless steel are friendly to your pockets. (On the other hand granite, stone and glass are excellent for those who want to splurge.)

If you have children, you need materials that are durable and stain-resistant. For those who like to cook, a hard-working countertop is best. For those who frequently entertain at home, it should be stylish and elegant while convenient at the same time.

The last consideration for your countertop ideas is your personal style. You would know from your choice of clothes and other things which colors, textures, and forms are appealing.  Of course, your choices should not bank on looks alone. Costs, durability, and easy maintenance are the other factors you need to remember, too.



Hands down, granite is the most preferred among the many countertop materials. The cost varies depending on the finish, color (black, white, coral and green), and where the stone comes from.

Marble, limestone, and soapstone are the other preferences. Unfortunately, they are softer and need greater care. Engineered stone, meantime, resists stains.

However, it costs roughly the same as granite.

Concrete comes in several finishes – smooth, sanded, and pressed. Wood countertops are the easiest to clean and scratches can be sanded out. Laminate is the most affordable. With this list, any one of your countertop ideas can be realized.

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