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3 Best Ways to Organize Your Closet

The sight of your closet can motivate you to dress up or down depending on how you have organized it. A disorganized closet will leave you reaching for and wearing the same clothes over and over again especially if it’s overcrowded. In this case, the thought of having to go through all of them drains you hence opting for the easy way out. It is therefore advisable to organize your closet from time to time by moving clothes around to ensure that all are worn equally. This also gives you a chance to upgrade it by getting rid of old clothes and replacing them with new ones. There are 3 main steps that will guide you towards keeping your closet organized.
organized closet

1. Sort by use

The first step towards organizing your closet involves sorting out the clothes by use. Empty your closet then sort the clothes in three piles; those that you want to keep, clothes to get rid of and those that you aren’t too sure about. Set apart those than you need to get rid of then sort the “maybe” pile by taking in those that you’re sure you need. It has been proven that most closets are over crowded with clothes that are rarely worn. Getting rid of them will definitely create ample space. Clothes that are rarely worn or are out of season, for instance sweaters and those that are out of season should be sorted and put in boxes and suitcases. You can choose to label them for easy identification.

2. Sort by Type

The next step entails organizing the clothes according to their sizes and use; dresses, shirts, sweaters, skirts and pants. This creates uniformity in the closet unlike having dresses hang randomly in the midst of shirts. Ensure that they are arranged in uniform height. This also makes it easier for one to find exactly what they are looking for and where to look. Shirts can only be looked for in the shirts section and not in the pants’ section.

3. Sort by Color

Color is also a great idea when it comes to organizing your closet. Sight is the most important sense when it comes to working around your closet. Clothes of multiple colors mixed around in the closet bring about confusion to the eye hence disorganization. This is because one cannot stand the sight of their closet hence opting to spend as minimal time as possible in there. Start of with dull colors such as black and red and proceed along the rail with brighter colors like pink, yellow and white. This creates a calming effect to the eye and the brain hence motivating you to keep it that organized.

The secret to a well organized closet lies within working with what you’ve got and what pleases you. I love being organized If you’ve got no idea on how to start, invite some friends over and ask them to help you to organize your closet. They will be of great help especially with the pile of clothes that needs to be gotten rid of. You can also take a peak at theirs or a fashion magazine in order to get an idea.

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